Polyisobutylene is widely used in lubricant for modifying / improving the viscosity of the lubricant.
Adhesives & Sealants
PIB addition in Pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) and hot-melt adhesives (HMAs) helps to increase Bond strength.
Polybutene addition attributes to modification of properties like
» Tack, Softness, Bond strength, Cohesive strength and Water resistance of adhesives

It also helps in improving the quick stick and peel strength of elastomers.

Below are some applications in adhesives & sealants

»  Surgical tapes

»  Industrial tapes

»  Adhesives for paper laminates, labels and tapes

»  Masking and friction tapes

»  Butyl tapes used in automobile segment

Polymer modification
Kothari polybutene is often used in polymer modification processes. Polymer modified with polyisobutylenes can have
» Higher melt flow rates
» Greater elongation and
» Improved impact strengths.
PIB is an excellent dispersant, which will help in uniform distribution of polymer in master batch. It is also having properties like anti-moisturizing agent, lubricant, anti-oxidant

Rubber modification

For a wide variety of vulcanized elastomers like natural rubber, butyl rubber, polyisoprene and SBR. Polyisobutylenes are used as extenders and plasticizers.
These compounds show
» Excellent tensile strength
» Elongation
Construction Chemicals

Polyisobutylenes can be used to modify the binding agents in asphalts used in tunnel construction Usage of polybutylenes gives water resistant property in water proofing membrane.


Polyisobutylene Succinic Anhydride is emulsive in nature and it finds its application in the manufacturing of cartridge explosives of emulsifier type.