KVIS Polyisobutylene is colourless and non-staining. The colour reads as low as 50 in APHA Scale. Product is stable at low temperature.
Flash Point
Flash points of KVIS Polyisobutylene's fluctuate with the ratio of the low molecular weight. Kvis PIB flash point is measured with a Cleveland open cup tester or Pensky Martens closed cup tester.

To suit various applications, KVIS Polyisobutylene are available in a broad range of viscosities. The kinematic viscosity of KVIS Polyisobutylene's is between 230 to 4500 CSt at 100 Deg.C.
Molecular Weight
The high molecular weight supported by the long ethyl side groups of the polymer chains sustains strong linking. The typical number average molecular weight (Mn) of KVIS Polyisobutylene's ranges between 950 and 2,500. The data has been generated using Gel Permeation Chromatography calibrated using poly styrene standards.