Tree Planting - Protecting Nature, Our Stakeholder
Trees are critical to the existence and well being of our environment. Our tree planting campaigns fulfill two purposes – one is conserving the environment, and the other is to propagate environmental awareness in the society where we live and work. Having surpassed every objective that has been set in the annual tree planting campaign, we are now taking this initiative onto an even higher pedestal by involving our employees and communities around us. Trees planted by us have been highly instrumental in offsetting the effects of common environmental pollutants on the nature.
Managing effluents and emissions efficiently has been at the top of our agenda. To this effect, we have undertaken numerous activities that have had major impact on the plant operations. Value addition is then a prerogative that we derive for all our efforts. Over the years, our preemptive use of technology, water & wastewater management initiatives have led to a drastic decline in the amount of effluents or emissions discharged by the plant.
Kothari Petrochemicals has always promoted extensive energy saving measures. It was a forerunner in implementing new cost-saving technologies of production and use of energy that is environmentally benevolent. We adhere to specified consumptions standards for all our equipment and appliances.
Product Quality
We value product quality and environment preservation more than anything else. We look into ways of efficiently using our natural resources without reducing production levels and without compromising on product quality, or environmental standards. Our high quality products are rolled out on account of a pragmatic approach that combines ongoing research, modernisation and environmental sustainability.
Looking ahead
» As part of continual improvements, we have installed a Reverse Osmosis Plant in the year 2006. Trade effluents to the tune of 180 KL/day are treated and reused for different processes. This has reduced our trade effluent marine discharge quantity from 180 KL/day to 30 KL/day
» Recovery system is installed to handle process emissions
» The sewage treatment plant is being operated efficiently and the treated effluent to the tune of 20 KL/day is being reused for green belt development
» The effluent water generated from stream ejector to the tune of 50M3/day is being reused as wash water for polymer washing
» Rainwater collection facilities are provided in the building areas inside the plant and one part of storm water gutter is rerouted to rain water collection facility tank. Collected rainwater is being used for plant and green belt development.
» Ambient air quality survey, stack monitoring and noise level monitoring are being done periodically
» We are taking utmost care in green belt development for abatement of pollution. A detailed plot plan is developed for future implementation