Besides producing an inherently cleaner polymer product for our customers, we remain committed as an organization to sustainable development in the following areas:
Health & Safety
Foster a culture that makes the health, safety and well being of our employees our number one priority – as an important contributor to efficient production, profits, and serving the customer - and provides every employee the absolute right and obligation to question, stop and correct any unsafe act or condition. 
Conduct our business in accordance with all applicable environmental, health and safety laws and regulations, and other relevant standards to which we may voluntarily subscribe, and provide the training, management systems, and resources necessary to do so. 
Risk Reduction
Assess and manage the environmental, health and safety risk associated with all aspects of our business to protect our employees, our customers, the communities in which we operate, the environment, and our shareholders.
Pollution Prevention and Resource Conservation
Incorporate plant pollution prevention and resource conservation opportunities into our business planning and operating decisions to help reduce our impact on the environment.
Open Communication
Maintain an open and honest dialogue with our employees and stakeholders about the environmental, health and safety performance of our operations and services.
Continuous Improvement
Establish key measures to track our performance, set objectives and targets to drive continuous performance improvement, conduct audits and assessments, and promptly correct conditions that we determine threaten human health, safety or the environment. We make a conscientious effort to do research into minimizing water, air, noise, vibration and soil pollution at our research laboratory and plant. We have established an environmental management system to promote awareness of global warming, effective use of resources and reduction in waste disposal.
Technical Services Group
We continue to invest in our Technical Services Group, which is dedicated to commercializing innovation and optimizing performance and profitability of our facilities so that we achieve environmental targets with minimum cost and maximum business advantage.