Using our product not only makes good business sense, but also directly benefits the environment. We at Kothari are proud to supply a product that we can believe in. Environmental benefits include:
» Lower emissions & greater fuel efficiency: Integrating Polyisobutylene into two stroke engine oil has been proven to increase fuel efficiency and lower emissions.
»  Greater engine performance and efficiency: Polyisobutylene as a constituent in various oil and lube additives plays a key role in reducing engine wear in automobile, motorcycle, marine and heavy equipment engines.
»  Reduced consumption of oil: Polyisobutylene usage ensures reduced frequency of oil drain interval due to improvement in thermal oxidation property of Engine Oil. Thus, used oil generation becomes less to that extent positive impact to environment.
»  Longer life for utilities: Dielectric properties of Polyisobutylene makes eminently suitable for insulating oils in cables and transformers. As a result, life of the equipment is increased and it paves way for cleaner environment.
»  Non toxic and safe: Polyisobutylene is a harmless liquid and at normal temperature, there is no risk of inhaling vapours. Thus ensures a way for good health, safety and environmental practices.
»  Reduce industrial waste: Polyisobutylene is a non-corrosive fluid and it has good thickening properties. These parameters attract the usage in metal working fluids. To that extent Polyisobutylene minimizes waste with a positive impact to environment.