Since our founding, sustainable business development has been a core part of our global business strategy. As a member of the HCK Group family of companies, Kothari Petrochemicals is a leader in India and was one of the first companies in India to commit to exploring “green” business.
Realizing that the world's natural resources are limited and fragile, this commitment to environmental protection is reflected in our policies, programs and practices for conducting operations in an environmentally as well as economically responsible manner.
Kothari Petrochemicals believes that effective environmental management can positively impact corporate profitability in several important ways. Some of our endeavours in this direction are:
» Programs designed to make efficient use of natural resources often minimize operating costs
» Environmental quality programs that have helped sustain and enhance the Kothari Petrochemicals' presence and reputation in domestic and international markets
»  Compliance programs that minimize risk and potential legal liability
In these ways and more, environmental protection is considered important to the economic well-being of Kothari Petrochemicals and its shareholders.