Kothari team is young, vibrant and energetic. We believe that innovation is an integral part of our industry. Innovation for us is about finding novel ways of creating commercial value and it is further outlined as:
"People creating value through the introduction of new
ideas, practices and business models"
We at Kothari believe that innovation doesn’t necessarily mean churning out new ideas or creating sound technology backup, but simple application of mind and a strong belief in practices and business models.
Goals of Innovation
A survey across a large number of manufacturing and services organisations found out that systematic programs of organizational innovation are most frequently driven by:
» Improved quality
» Creation of new markets
» Extension of the product range
» Reduced labour costs
» Improved production processes
» Reduced materials
» Reduced environmental damage
» Replacement of products/services
» Reduced energy consumption
» Conformance to regulations
Steps Involved
» Empowered Team Formation
» Organization Freedom
» Accountability
» Ownership
» Mutual Trust
The above steps are the key attributes for innovation. This only happens when persistent efforts are made by the team of top level executives who sincerely value and create a culture of innovation and drive long-term strategic advantage.