Polyisobutylene is widely used in lubricant for modifying / improving the viscosity of the lubricant formulation to the desired final viscosity.
Polyisobutylene's are widely used in applications where there is a plenty of chances for incidental contact of the lubricant with food such as production of aluminium foils and cans.
KVIS Polyisobutylene's are inherently good lubricants and its unique physical properties make them a perfect choice for wide variety of lubrication requirements.
The wide range of viscosities of the KVIS polyisobutylenes offer the operational comfort to the lubricant formulators i.e the formulators would have a considerable scope to devise and optimize the formulations of the lubricants.
The typical advantage of KVIS polyisobutylene's over other polyisobutylenes is property of very low deposit formation. When heated above 250 C they will depolymerise.
The notable characteristics of KVIS PIB are very low toxicity and good thickening capacity.
KVIS polyisobutylene's exhibit excellent shear stability.
KVIS Polyisobutylene's are widely used in Non staining metal working fluids, High temperature / specialty lubricants, high viscous / energy efficient gear oils and greases.
Oil & Fuel Additives
KVIS Polyisobutylene s are used in manufacture of PIBSA, a widely used dispersant in lubricant industry.
PIBSA is used as ashless dispersant in the lubricant formulations to control deposits, sludge formation and to prevent oil thickening.
PIBSA based dispersant can help in improving the fuel economy. They also offer environmental benefits by decreasing the frequency of oil drains.
Polyisobutylene based fuel / gasoline additives helps in reducing the deposits. They also remove the deposits already present in the automotive components like carburetors, fuel injectors and intake system, and on valves and pistons.
Polyisobutylene based additives in diesel can help to maintain cleanliness of the fuel injectors, again leading to fuel economy.
Two Stroke Engine Oil
KVIS polyisobutylene's became an inseparable component of the Indian two stroke engine oil industry. Almost three of the four two stroke engine powered automobile/ industrial engine in India have KVIS polyisobutylenes.
Polyisobutylene offers a cost effective way to achieve low smoke performance in two-stroke engines.
It also offers a wide variety of other advantages including clean burning, reduced corrosion and scoring, and the elimination of engine deposits.
KVIS polyisobutylenes offer enhanced performance compared to most other polyisobutylenes by virtue of their particular molecular structure.
Most of the major players in automotive lubricants worldwide like BP Castrol, Shell, Elf Auto, BPCL, HPCL, IOCL, Lubrizol, Infineum, EXXON rely mostly on KVIS polyisobutylene's because of the consistency in quality.