Construction Chemicals & Rubber

Construction Chemicals
Polyisobutylene’s can be used to improve flexibility in low temperature, better weathering and an excellent aggregate/binder adhesion.

Rubber Modification
For a wide variety of vulcanized elastomers like natural rubber, synthetic rubbers like butyl rubber, polyisoprene, PB, ethylene-alpha olefin rubber and SBR, KVIS polyisobutylenes are used as extenders and plasticizers.
Polyisobutylene’s cannot be easily extracted from the elastomer by solvents as the mineral oil can be easily extracted using solvents. Also, polyisobutylene’s are resistant to exudation by heat ageing. Hence polyisobutylene’s impart their properties permanently to the rubber.
KVIS polyisobutylene’s can be used to plasticize the roofing and pipe wrap compounds made from butyl rubber or EPDM modified butyl rubber.

These compounds show
  • excellent tensile strength
  • elongation
  • low temperature flexibility and
  • colour / UV stability

Tyre & Rubber Lining: KVIS range of Polyisobutylene grades, having excellent elastomeric properties, is an ideal product as a key ingredient in Tyre Rubber Lining formulation.

In addition, polyisobutylene’s are compatible with the elastomeric portion of thermoplastic block copolymers such as butylene-ethylene-styrene block copolymer. In low concentrations, polyisobutylene’s soften and plasticize such elastomers. At higher levels, polyisobutylene’s contribute tack and adhesion.