New Product Launch KVIS – 20

June 1, 2020
Recently we launched a Specialty Polymer from Polyisobutylene (PIB) Family, it’s a Viscoelastic Specialty Polymer, is exclusively developed for Plastic Compound manufacturers and PVC Pipe & Fitting Manufacturers. KVIS-20 completely Customized product developed by Kothari’s inhouse R&D and scientific team.   Since it’s a customized product, which is a specially made as per customer requirement by our team to reduce inventory cost, KVIS-20 provides competitive operating cost, it provides superior consistency than other additives, one of the main advantage of KVIS-20 is process flexibility which provides more flexibility to all process.   KVIS-20 provides excellent benefits in Filler / Masterbatch segment are as below.
  • It Provides Tribological Advantages
  • Acts as dispersant & wetting agent
  • Works as Internal & External lubricant
  • Increases flow rate
  • Increases interfacial force – enhances adhesion between polymer-filler pigment
  • Enhances elastomeric properties.
  • Improves gloss and provides good finish.
  Our scientific team recommended Dosage is 2-4%, customer can optimise the dosage according to their formulation. Since it is a very good lubricant, hence wax and Processing Aid can be reduced.   Salient features of our Kvis20 are as follows.  
  • Dispersant: Keeping pigments homogenously dispersed.
  • Wetting Agent: Helps the fillers for improved low energy dispersion due to good lubricant property.
  • Adhesive: Increases Interfacial Force created by surface attachment. Enhances energy required to break the adhesive bonding created and hence in turn increases shear strength.
  • Anti-moisturizing: Our Kvis20 is Hydrophobic.
  • Lubricant: Minimizes frictional force between moving surfaces (both Internal & External)
  • Internal: Polymer to Polymer and Polymer to Filler
  • External: Polymer to metal parts and Filler to metal parts
  • Being a long chain polymer, Kvis20 increases the elastomeric properties, exerts excellent elongation in finished products, due to the presence of longer chains. Improves finished product glossiness and provides a very good finish to the product.
  • Increases the flow rates, as it lowers the viscosity.
  • Very low acid value which is almost at BDL (Below Detectable Limit) – hence safer for the equipment’s.